This is the speech of K-Pop idol group BTS at the UN General Assembly. BTS leader RM said people should try to love themselves and slowly re-imagine being together again.

K-pop idol group Bangtan Sonyeondan ( BTS ) voices that people, including the younger generation, continue to pursue their dreams even though they have to face difficult challenges, one of which is the current Covid-19 pandemic .

This was their special message at the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) which took place on Wednesday (23/9/2020).

BTS leader RM said people should try to love themselves and slowly re-imagine being together again. He also invited everyone to keep their dreams.

“Let’s re-imagine our world. We gather together tired, but let’s dream again. Let’s dream about the future,” he said as reported by Yonhap, Thursday (9/24/2020).

On the other hand, Jin, who was labeled as “handsome mas” by BTS (ARMY) fans in Indonesia, asked fans and young people to be happy and care for others, especially in uncertain times like today.

BTS also shared a time when they felt depressed and helpless before during the pandemic.

“Yesterday, I sang and danced with fans all over the world, and now my world has shrunk into a room,” said Jimin.

V even said that he felt frustrated and depressed. However, according to him, the Covid-19 pandemic inadvertently provided an opportunity for himself and his colleagues to reflect on themselves as artists and as individuals.

J-Hope shared a similar perspective.

“I don’t know who was first. We embraced all those emotions and the seven of us started making music together. This is where the music came from, and this keeps us honest.”

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Jungkook said the group will try to give people strength through music, just as they are trying to do with their new single “Dynamite.”

“If there’s something I can do, if our voices can give people strength, then that’s what we want and that’s what we will continue to do,” said BTS’s youngest member.

As a closing speech, RM asked the youth to be strong.

This speech marks the second time BTS has spoken at the UN General Assembly. Previously, they spoke at the launch ceremony of the UNICEF Generation Without Borders program at the 73rd general assembly in 2018.

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