Fortnite season 2, chapter 2 has given us a lot of fun throughout these first 10 days of having passed this new second season, with a lot of gold in between, a super muscular cat and several secret agents, there is no doubt that Epic Games returned to your weekly basic weekly mini updates formula.

A feature of these is the addition of certain types of weapons from time to time, this time, the weapon we will talk about today is neither more nor less than one introduced in this same chapter, which is the lure grenade.

The lure grenade serves as the name implies; To create clones of yours and confuse the enemy, but why is this grenade so useless? The answer is simple, since the limit of clones that we can have active are only 3 and act quite erratically, firing in the air and stinging in non-logical areas.

This makes you easily detected in the environment, and even if you want to use more clones, the limitation does not leave you because after the third clone, the next one disappears and so on.

Hopefully Fortnite improves the lure grenade since this type of item has enough potential to improve the gaming experience.


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