Dogecoin News: On DOGE Day, April 20, world-renowned body spray brand AX said it would launch a crypto-scented body spray if Dogecoin hits $1. Dogecoin failed to reach $1, but AX kept its promise.



Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency Dogecoin started to fall as high as $ 0.74 and is trading at $ 0.16 at the time of writing. For the Dogecoin price, which could not reach $1, AX still kept its promise and released a body spray called AX Dogecan.

AX released a body spray called AX Dogecan with the slogan “Crypto-scented for 48 hours” and Dogecan has started to be distributed free of charge as of today. The AX Dogecan was produced in limited numbers.

The packaging of the released AX Dogecan includes the following statements:

“We are going to the moon, in this box you will find the crypto trust you need to get there.”

He gave Dogecan’s signals on July 13 by AX. “Dogecoin army, are you ready for Dogecan?” he tweeted that day. asked the question, and then Dogecan was trending on Twitter.


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