The pre-debut photo of a K-Pop idol recently shocked Korean netizens.

Through the Pann website, Korean netizens uploaded photos before the debut of one of the K-Pop idols who are currently on the rise.

The K-Pop idol is Yeonho VERIVERY, who later gained popularity after starring in the ‘Road to Kingdom’ program.

As he uploaded his pre-debut photo, the netizen wrote, “He was the band’s vocalist in high school. He has a fat body before debut. But after joining Jellyfish, he went on an intense diet and changed his image. ”

“He is actually not an idol. He wants to enter the music department at university and prepare himself to take the entrance examination, and has no desire to audition for K-Pop agencies. ”

“But in the process, the Jellyfish staff advised him to audition their agency and make him sing. They asked him to prepare 10 songs with high notes. At the audition, he sang the 10 songs. ”

Seeing the drastic changes shown by Yeonho before and after debut, many Korean netizens claimed to be shocked. Some of their comments are like:

“Wow, he really goes on a diet intensely,”

“If you look carefully, his face did look handsome from the start,”

“Seriously, his agency won the lottery,”

“He used to look very cute, but now he looks so handsome,”

“But it seems like he doesn’t just go on a diet,”

“Wow, he really looks even more handsome,”

“Wow, he looks like someone else. I’m glad he managed to go on a diet, “as well as various comments of praise and other support.


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