One of the Korean rapper, Takuwa later came under the spotlight after uploading changes to his face before and after plastic surgery.

The rapper, who took part in the rapper survival program “Show Me The Money 8”, surprised the public with his upload on his personal Instagram account @ 66takuwa99.

In his post, the rapper juxtaposed his photo from before undergoing plastic surgery and after undergoing plastic surgery, which saw so many changes starting from the jaw, the lips, to the nose and eyes.

Not only that, the rapper also explained the reason for deciding to do plastic surgery by writing,

“I had plastic surgery. Why? I have a complex. My little eyes, which have been insinuated and cause me great pain. I don’t judge other people’s appearance but I’m not satisfied with my appearance. So I decided to do plastic surgery. What’s interesting is that changing your outward appearance also changes you from the inside. My self-esteem is slowly rising and I can make more decisions for myself. I don’t want to recommend or encourage you to do plastic surgery. I just want to give you accurate information and give you more insight. Most cosmetic surgery advertisements emphasize ‘before & after’. But I think that consumers have the right to know the whole process transparently. I hope this will have a positive impact on people who think about plastic surgery and the plastic surgery industry.


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