Bitcoin News: A private real estate in Beverly Hills has been put up for sale for $65 million in BTC. The owner of a private Beverly Hills residence that is up for sale for $65 million is allowing buyers to pay with Bitcoin to purchase the property. If accomplished, the deal would break the record for the most expensive real estate ever sold with cryptocurrency.



BTC invades Beverly Hills

The American business magazine Forbes reported that the multimillion-dollar house called Elementi in Beverly Hills could be purchased for around 1950 BTC at today’s prices for $65 million in cash, or bitcoin equivalent to fiat currency. Real estate agent Aaron Kirman, one of the property’s partners, commented on the news:

“Crypto is something that sellers are very interested in, and it’s a growing movement that I believe will get involved in the housing space.”

Despite the continued decline of the crypto market, Kirman confirmed that many real estate businesses, especially sellers, prefer digital assets as a payment method. He even said that the levels of crypto transactions have never been higher before.

Michael Chen, who was involved in the project, admitted that he is a cryptocurrency investor. According to him, payments with digital assets have a future as they are fast and secure:

“Now you can transfer $10 million in two seconds without going through a central bank.”

Elementi, one of the pearls of Beverly Hills, has seven bedrooms. The prospective owner of the 18,000-square-foot private property will also find a semi-Olympic swimming pool, home theater, wine cellar, gym, wellness center and many other facilities there. Interestingly, it is located in the upscale Trousdale Estates neighborhood, which is known to be home to celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jane Fonda, and Ellen DeGeneres. It is worth noting that even the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley once lived in that area.

Miami holds the cryptocurrency record

As CryptoPotato reported in early June, an anonymous buyer paid $22.5 million in digital assets to purchase a luxury penthouse in Miami Beach, setting a record. Thus, the deal became the most expensive known residential transaction paid in crypto. However, it was not disclosed what kind of cryptocurrency the buyer was using.

Giovanni Fasciano, one of the developers of Arte Surfside, stated that the acquisition was a great success for the entire real estate industry in Miami and praised the use of cryptocurrencies:

“With this sale, we are making real estate history in Miami. Cryptocurrency is the future of wealth and we believe this is just the beginning.”


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