A cryptocurrency commentator thinks that Bitcoin could go up to $ 20,000 in the near future.

GalaxyBTC, one of the industry’s renowned commentators, recently shared a chart from their Twitter account. Based on Bitcoin’s 2-week performance and using its own indicator, GalaxyBTC states that we are currently at the head of the bull market.

In Bitcoin, this signal had been seen twice before. One of them was in December 2017, when Bitcoin started moving towards $ 20,000. Another was seen in April-May 2019. In this period, Bitcoin started to move from the region of 6 thousand dollars to 14 thousand dollars. The graphic he shared from his Twitter account is as follows:

GalaxyBTC is right now; It means that Bitcoin is ready for the bull run. In such a scenario, he points to the $ 20,000 region for Bitcoin, the record level in December 2017.

Halving Approaching
It is not clear exactly what direction Bitcoin will move in the next few months. For example, if it comes to experts like Peter Schiff, Bitcoin price should drop to zero. Some commentators think that if Bitcoin starts a run similar to 2017, the price could go much higher than $ 20,000.

Some examples of these names are PlanB, Selcoin and Josh Rager. While Selcoin and Josh Rager point to the region of 60-85 thousand dollars…

… PlanB says the price of Bitcoin may exceed $ 100,000 in the next few years.


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