The semiconductor manufacturer has recently been on the agenda with a presentation slide prepared to mislead users. This time, the company showed its solutions superior to Apple’s new chip.

Mavi team is known for its misleading presentations in the hardware world. However, Intel continues to prepare its misleading content without hesitation.

Intel’s last target was Apple. Focusing on the M1 processor announced in the past months, the strategy implemented by the company to show its own solutions superior to the processor was found misleading by users and independent review teams.

The Intel processor, which prepares slides ahead of the Core i7-1185G7 in Google Chrome, Office 365 and Adobe applications, also emphasized the advantage of Topaz Labs in the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtest, with hardware acceleration support.

Referring to the platform advantage in gaming tests, Intel has progressed as expected so far. However, the point that the semiconductor manufacturer did not give up on its misleading strategy was the battery test.

Macbook Pro with long battery life that disappears
In the performance tests, Intel, which included the MacBook Pro with M1 processor and 16 GB RAM, went to the MacBook Air, which suddenly offered less battery life when it went to the battery tests. changed.

Thus, claiming that its solution offers similar battery life to the Apple M1, it upset users again with the slide that will mislead those planning to buy Intel laptops.

Before Intel, it also managed to differentiate AMD’s old processors.
As you may remember, Intel recently claimed that AMD was ahead by comparing its current chips with its old processors, which were announced more than 1 year, instead of the processors that have already been tested by the review teams and will be available for sale next month.

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Finally, in Intel’s promotional slides, Apple’s aggressive attitude towards the M1 chip is interpreted as the blue team sees Apple’s solution as a serious threat to itself.


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