Facebook has threatened iPhone users after Apple’s steps on privacy! Allow data tracking otherwise?


Technology giant Apple is redistributing the cards in the game. Apple, which put many application developers in a very difficult situation with the innovations it brought in privacy, received a different answer from Facebook with the new iPhone update.

As it is known, Apple implemented the innovation named “Application Tracking Transparency” with the iOS 14.5 update it was released. Thanks to this feature, all apps and websites on iPhones have to obtain explicit approval with a notification that explains the situation in order to track users’ movements.

The most uncomfortable with this situation was Google and Facebook. As a solution to this situation, application developers thought of offering special opportunities to users in return for follow-up permission. However, Apple got ahead of this.

Now, Facebook took the incident to a whole new level and threatened bribery and something. On iPhone models updated to iOS 14.5, Facebook and Instagram application publishes the tracking permission notification, briefly saying give the follow permission if you want the application to remain free.

Moreover, this warning is made by Facebook officials in accordance with the “Bribery” directive published by Apple.

Let’s see what will change after these initiatives of Apple, which is taking very serious steps and trying to change the rules of the game in the industry.


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