Google brings dark mode to three more apps. The dark mode feature, announced with a newly published article, is available for Google’s Sheets, Docs, and Slides apps for Android devices.

Google brings dark mode to other apps

There are very few apps left that don’t use or support the dark mode feature. Dark mode feature, which is actively used even in phone interfaces, comes to three popular services of Google. In these built-in applications, it is up to the user to decide whether to make the theme dark or not.

If you like dark mode and prefer to use apps on your phone with dark mode, you can now use Google’s Sheets, Docs, and Slides apps in dark mode.

Especially in the transition to the dark mode theme, which has been very popular since last year, Google preferred to go a little slower. Dark mode came with Android Q about a year ago. Google made dark mode available to users in the Chrome 78 update last fall. In addition to this, the search application was switched to dark mode a few months ago.

The dark mode theme is available today in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, but Google says that all users must wait a few weeks to actively use this feature.


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