Ticketmaster, who stole employees’ passwords and later accessed corporate secrets without permission, was found guilty to prevent his rival Songkick from succeeding. It will pay a total of 10 million dollars in compensation.

Fierce competition in business life enables companies to develop themselves in marketing, strategy or R&D. However, there are also those who try to eliminate their competitors by resorting to illegal means. Ticketmaster took the incident to the level of cyber attack.

Ticketmaster “hacked” its opponent
Ticketmaster ticketing platform and Songkick ticketing initiative are the main players in the cyber attack case, which is shown as one of the strangest events in the digital ticket world. Ticketmaster is accused of infiltrating its opponent’s systems and stealing corporate secrets.

The Songkick initiative is a platform where artists can list their events and make pre-sales before regular ticket sales. The initiative, which was funded in 2007, was able to list concert events, collect data from different ticket platforms, and include community comments.

Stephen Mead, who left the Songkick initiative, which grew rapidly and became an important competitor for Ticketmaster, and joined Ticketmaster in 2012 is at the beginning of the events.

Mead also brings with him passwords for some Songkick employees, and Ticketmaster, together with artist services chief Zeeshan Zaidi, starts stealing corporate secrets using these passwords. Among these secrets are the studies of ticket pre-sales pages and various strategies for artists. It is even stated that Zaidi and Mead made a presentation about this attack within the company, and any ideas that could harm Songkick were rewarded within the company.

Ticketmaster, who was convicted of trespassing on competitor’s computer systems, agreed to pay a total of $ 10 million in compensation. Zaidi was also found guilty of fraud and infiltration. The company states that they severed all ties with Zaidi and Mead in 2017.

Songkick has another lawsuit with Ticketmaster in 2018 of the allegation of unfair competition, in which Ticketmaster paid 110 million dollars in damages. He also purchased Songkick’s ticketing technologies for an unknown amount. Songkick’s remaining technologies, on the other hand, came under Warner Media that same year.


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