TikTok announced TikTok for Business, a space for advertisers and brands within the platform. It is used for current and future marketing actions, allowing you to manage ad formats and content strategies.

The launch allows advertisers to use existing formats, use ad filters and more. TikTok for Business can manage brand acquisitions, video ads in the feed, hashtag challenges and the already traditional effects.

Brand acquisitions are related to three to five second ads, which can be created with videos or still images. The videos in the feed have a duration of up to 60 seconds and can be played with the sound on or not.

Hashtag challenges, which generate more interactivity between brands and the user community, can be created so that they produce content for a specific hashtag. There is also the ‘Hashtag Plus’, which adds a shopping feature to the format.

TikTok in Augmented Reality

Another novelty, related to Branded Effects, allows a brand or product to use 2D, 3D and RA (Augmented Reality) video formats. Effects can be used in the foreground or as a video background, in addition to being combined with hashtag challenges. The new AR effect is being added today, along with TikTok for Business.

Katie Riccio Puris, director of global business at TikTok Marketing, said in an announcement that the launch should improve the connection between brands and the community.

“With the launch of TikTok for Business, we decided to embrace the creative, positive and real moments that make our community so special, with solutions for companies to connect and grow,” he said.

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According to the executive, the company should continue to invest “in solutions that give brands a platform to inspire others”, in addition to “being discovered and connecting significantly to the TikTok community”.


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