Apple proved to be a company beyond the age with the LiDAR scanner included in the iPhone 12 Pro. LiDAR browser, which is at least 4-5 years ahead of Android phones, gradually began to attract the attention of application developers. Today, TikTok announced that it will release an update for the iPhone 12 Pro family. So, how will LiDAR be used with this update?



As you know, depth sensing sensor is now a must in phones. However, these sensors deflect when there is an obstacle to depth. Since LiDAR constantly scans the environment with infrared rays, it is now possible to interact with objects. TikTok will also add new filters to its filters, thanks to LiDAR that detects people and objects.

In the video shared on TikTok’s Twitter account, you can see confetti resting in the arms of the person and slowly float to the ground when leaving the environment. This can only be done with the LiDAR scanner. So this feature will only be in iPhone 12 Pro all over the world.

There are many years ahead for the Android front to transition to LiDAR technology. Therefore, the innovations that come with LiDAR can unfortunately only be used in 12 Pro and later models.


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