TikTok will test product sales on the live broadcast for the first time. The company has made a deal with Walmart for this event, and Walmart products will be sold on the live stream.

Walmart will conduct a new pilot test as a result of an agreement with TikTok. In a live broadcast on TikTok, users will be able to purchase Walmart products before they go live. In the live broadcast on Walmart’s TikTok account, 10 popular TikTok users will promote their favorite products at Walmart with a 1-hour event in total.

Product will be sold on TikTok live broadcast for the first time
Walmart’s William White said: “We are constantly looking for ways to innovate the shopping experience for our customers. We are moving faster than ever to find new and improved ways to better serve our customers and meet them wherever they are. This event includes the lives, passions and passions of various creators. for our community that reflects their style, we created it in such a way that everyone watching is represented, no matter who they are or how they dress. ” made statements.

While the live streaming shopping experience is the first for TikTok, the social media platform has been trying e-commerce for a while. The site allowed users to exchange hashtags, and the platform’s “Shop Now” button redirects users to a brand’s website to buy products they see on TikTok.

Blake Chandlee, Vice President of TikTok’s global business solutions, said: “At TikTok, we are constantly exploring new ways to inspire creativity, bring joy and value to our community. Creators and brands have found a creative outlet to connect with audiences through TikTok Live, and our community loves. We are excited to innovate further in this interactive experience to enable them to discover and interact with brands. Brands have had an incredible impact on the community this year and Walmart’s TikTok’s creativity and first-of-its-kind experience to engage with their communities in a meaningful way. We are excited to see you embrace. ” said.


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