Tinder is working on a new feature. The company was normally operating within a border, but with the Global Mode feature, users will be able to match people around the world.

Tinder helps people find the right partner. In this context, users who are normally looking for a suitable partner within a limit will be able to continue this search all over the world. If this new feature resembles the Passport feature at first, this time things are a little different. Let’s examine this feature closely together.

The Passport feature, which allows people in that region to appear before going on a trip abroad, was paid, as is known. This feature, called Global Mode, will be offered to users free of charge. Thanks to Global Mode, Tinder users will have the opportunity to show their profiles all over the world and the opportunity to search for their suitable partner in other countries.

Global Mode will be available to a limited number of users next week:
It would not be wrong to say that the feature is currently in trial version. In the mode, which will be available to a certain number of users next week, everything goes well as planned by Tinder and if no problems occur, all users will be able to benefit from this feature soon. Many users are already excited about this feature.

Tinder explained in a press release that the coronavirus epidemic, which adversely affected many companies, had an impact on the development of this feature. The company said the virus has speeded up the timeline created to get rid of geographical boundaries. Tinder doesn’t just seem to be content with this new feature. Along with Global Mode, video calling is among the innovations on the table.

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In addition to these features, Tinder continues to work on live quizzes. Thanks to this feature, which is still in the testing phase, users can enter a quiz with each other. There is no clear information about whether this feature will come or not, but if the tests are successfully completed, this may be one of the features that will be available to users in the near future.


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