Was Megan Fox tired of her marriage to Brian Austin Green? If we believe this message that predicted their divorce, the answer is yes.

You may not know it, but Brian Austin Green was convinced that Megan Fox would eventually leave him for Machine Gun Kelly. Before even formalizing his divorce with his partner after ten years of living together and three children, the actor had subtly alluded to their separation on Instagram. As you can see below, the hero of Beverly Hills, 90210 posted the following message: “Butterflies eventually get bored of sitting too long on a flower. They start to feel suffocated. a very big world and they want to experience it. ” A sentence that left no doubt about their rupture.

Many Internet users have also made the connection with Megan Fox. And for good reason, Brian Austin Green shared this post on his wife’s birthday. But that’s not all. The parallel with the star of Transformers was obvious since she has this tattoo on the scapula: “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies” (a quote from King Lear of Shakespeare). And while some still believed it, the actor confirmed his divorce the day after this publication. Today, Brian Austin Green does not close the door to a possible reconciliation with Megan Fox.

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