Tom Cruise continues to strive to loosen the jaws of the respectable and, incidentally, play the guy in each new feature film he shoots. After climbing the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world – in ‘Mission: Impossible – Phantom Protocol’, hooking up to the outside of a plane taking off in ‘Secret Nation’ and doing a HALO jump in ‘Fallout’, the actor it will go — literally — into space.

As reported exclusively by Deadline, Tom Cruise and the aerospace transport company Space X, owned by Elon Musk, are working side by side with NASA on a project that would become the first narrative fiction feature film – more specifically a action adventure— shot in outer space.

The film is in its early stages of gestation, so information about it is limited to its existence, and the fact that it will not be a new installment in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise. That said, it would be a real privilege that, with such a framework and given the joys that his collaborations have given us, Cruise’s new madness would once again have Christopher McQuarrie in charge.

This is not the first time that the good guy Tom has considered the idea of ​​leaving Earth to shoot a movie. Almost two decades ago, James Cameron himself tempted him with it, although, unfortunately, he ended up falling on deaf ears. This was told by Cameron in an interview with the Empire media in 2018.

“I talked to Tom about making a space movie in space, about 15 years ago. In 2020 I had a contract with the Russians to go to the International Space Station and shoot a high-end 3D documentary there. And I thought, ‘Shit, man. We should make a feature film. “I said, ‘Tom, you and I are going to have two seats in the Soyuz, but someone is going to have to train us as engineers.’ Tom said, ‘No problem, I will train as an engineer.’ We had some ideas for the story, but it was still somewhat conceptual. “


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