Treated with coronavirus and being treated, Tom Hanks talked about his personal experience and stated that his wife Rita Wilson’s symptoms were more serious.

Tom Hanks, one of Hollywood’s most beloved names for his unforgettable roles in films such as Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan, Philadelphia, announced that he and his wife Rita Wilson, who are actors like him, had a positive coronavirus test last month. Catching an important figure like Hanks in the coronavirus was one of the turning points of the epidemic. Because the serious measures taken to prevent the epidemic in many countries came immediately after this statement that allowed people to take the epidemic more seriously.

After the coronavirus test was positive, Hanks and Wilson, who were quarantined in a private hospital in Australia, informed their followers that they were good with their posts on social media. However, they did not share much detail about how this process went. Hanks, who left the hospital in the meantime and regained his health, broke his silence on the subject at the National Defense Radio Show, which he participated in recently, and talked about his personal experience with the coronavirus.

Tom Hanks announces spouse Rita Wilson has overcome the outbreak worse
Saying that his wife’s condition was worse than him in this process, Hanks explained that Rita Wilson’s fever was higher and that she lost both taste and smell. He stated that these senses did not come back three weeks. The master actor stated that he felt very tired and had pain in his body. Hanks said that he tried to exercise for 30 minutes every day in order to stay active in this process, but stated that he could never complete this period during the illness period and was usually discontinued in the 12th minute.

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