‘The Sopranos’ are back by surprise. The Talking Sopranos podcast, presented by Michael Imperioli (Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripa (Bobby), has delighted us in the last episode with the unexpected news that David Chase had written a short scene in which the protagonists of the fiction comment on how they It is affecting the coronavirus.

While we don’t quite know the exact reason why David Chase has decided to write this scene, it’s noteworthy that it is the first time that the author has created anything from the series since its ambiguous ending in 2007 and its famous fade to black. Thus, we have a new scene that seems to clarify the fate of Tony Soprano, who appears to be alive thirteen years later.

The return scene
Vivito and complaining that business is bad:

“Sports betting? Damn it gone, along with pro sports. My friends and I are dying here. The President may be right: We reopen businesses and factories again … for Easter, May Day or whatever. […] The Bing is fucking closed, my source of income was already compromised. We can keep the butcher shop open, because of the critical essential infrastructure ”

The scene (in Vulture you can read the full transcript) is basically a meeting of characters commenting on how they see the quarantine situation: Meadow regretting not having studied medicine, Carmela giving thanks for her daughter’s decision while complaining about the harshness of living together , Junior counting his battles, etc.

The pity is that we cannot see this scene on screen. Or at least not in the presence of James Gandolfini, who passed away in 2013. David Chase is currently working on a prequel spinoff for ‘The Sopranos’ titled ‘The Many Saints of Newark’, focused on the generation before Tony.


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