Just a week before the Bitcoin halving event takes place, the leading cryptocurrency continues to rise in Google searches. According to Google’s analysis, Europe is the region most obsessed with the Bitcon halving event. Data from Google Trends shows that western and central Europe are pioneering when it comes to the search for “bitcoin halving.”

7 days left for BTC Halving
Search interest can often turn into adoption through channels like large exchanges. According to research, purchasing volumes have already increased markedly since mid-March.

So which countries are doing the most searches on Google?

Austria, already known as a Bitcoin enthusiast, is currently the fifth most searched country. Vienna is also home to private Bitcoin organizations, including the “Bitcoin bank”, which opened in 2017 for a long time. Although Austria is a member of the EU, it is one of the rare countries that accept Bitcoin compared to other countries.

The small Baltic country has already announced its name as a digitally forward-thinking region of the EU. The e-residence plan has been debated for years, but the government’s inclusive policy has not yet made a distinctly accepting stance on Bitcoin. Still, the citizens of the country show great interest in the Bitcoin halving event.

Slovenia comes to the fore with its Bitstamp stock exchange and even a Bitcoin monument. In January of the country last year, hundreds of stores were reported to accept BTC payments thanks to a new application.

The Netherlands, which shows a strange mixture of repressive regulations and great interest in the cryptocurrency at the same time, is the second country to search for Bitcoin halving on Google. The Dutch government, which is home to many cryptocurrency initiatives, points out that it has very little tolerance, which is not closely monitored against the use of Bitcoin.

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Aside from the famous Bitcoin City project in Arnhem, officials closed Bestmixer in 2019, while prosecutions elsewhere continue.

Switzerland now follows more halving events than any other country in the world. Switzerland has come to the fore with its tolerant attitude towards cryptocurrencies for several years. The country is home to Crypto Valley in the city of Zug; Among its members is Bitcoin Suisse, which has a remarkable advertising campaign at Zurich Airport.


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