Although kisses in most K dramas are generally very subtle, Lee Min Ho, who is one of our favorite actors, has perplexed us on several occasions with some of his kissing scenes.

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With over twenty years on the screen, Lee Min Ho has become one of the favorite actors on the Korean scene, if not the favorite! Lee Min Ho has participated in several films and dramas throughout his career and has always shown incredible professionalism and skills when it comes to kissing scenes (😏😏).

And although we know that all his scenes are very good, today we bring you a top 5 of Lee Min Ho’s best kisses on K-Dramas, watch below:

City Hunter

This time, Kim Nana, starring Park Min Young. She has a hard time not getting in touch with Yoon Sung, played by Lee Min Ho, so while on the roof of her apartment, Yoon Sung appears and she starts to tell him how worried she was while she didn’t hear from him, but it makes the perfect moment when he kisses her and takes away all worries.


This kiss starring Lee Min Ho who, unlike other romantic scenes, required no privacy, on the contrary, that kiss took place in the middle of the palace with a large number of people around.

Boys Over Flowers

This will be one of our favorite dramas of all time, so how could we not love Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s sweet kiss as they chatted sweetly on the swing, it was completely adorable.

The King: Eternal Monarch

The latest Lee Min Ho left us, how to get over it ?! Lee Gon and Tae Eul travel to the Kingdom of Korea, Tae Eul shows his neck to Lee Gon to see if she also has the thunder scar. But that gesture ends in one of the best kisses in the series and of course, our Lee Min Ho.

Legend Of The Bule Sea

Ahh! this is also completely incomparable. In this K-Drama, Shim Chung lives at Joon Jae’s house and although their relationship is not the best at first, they eventually start to develop feelings for each other, one day they suddenly find themselves in Joon Jae’s room. and share this legendary kiss.

We know that there are many more and that all your kisses are TOP again, so tell us in the comments which one has been your favorite and which one you would like to add to the list.


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