Epic Games, the most talked about online gaming platform, has been on the agenda with the GTA 5 campaign organized last week. The reviews show that Epic Games, which has been organizing a free game campaign for a long time, has distributed 108 games for free, whose total value exceeds $ 2000 so far.

Epic Games is the most recent agenda of gamers. Because the platform, which has gained the admiration of the gamers with the free game campaigns it has organized for a while, has started to offer one of the most popular games of the world, GTA 5, for free. Epic Games’ GTA 5 campaign drew so much attention that first Epic Games and then GTA 5’s servers collapsed.

The video game industry is developing more and more every day. This situation makes new games released more valuable. Epic Games, on the other hand, has provided a huge library of games free of charge to gamers with the free game campaigns it has organized so far.

Gamers got 108 games without paying five bucks thanks to Epic Games
GTA 5 is not the only serious campaign Epic Games has ever organized. The company also offered free games such as “Batman: Arkham”, which can be purchased for a high price in the previous periods. Epic Games has brought 108 games, big and small, to players for free.

A study by enthusiasts reveals that the campaigns Epic Games has organized to date are worth a small fortune. Because the total cost of all the games the company has given so far is $ 2,140. Due to regional pricing policies, this price does not show minor changes in various countries, but $ 2,140 appears to be a serious price despite everything.

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