The 5th Generation P5 Image Processor Artificial Intelligence features will meet the consumers for the first time with the 2021 model Philips OLED806 and 856 models.

The enhanced image processor will also be featured in Philips TV’s first Ambilight miniLED sets in the 9636 and 9506 series. Light sensor feature and Film Detection category have been added to the artificial intelligence function in order to achieve a more refined image quality performance in light conditions of each environment.

Artificial intelligence function in the television; It uses machine-based learning by analyzing millions of PQ test clips in the database created by the research and development team over the past 30 years. Software; It is designed to create a better balance between the five elements of the PQ function (source, color, contrast, motion and sharpness).

PQ experts of the TP Vision team; It defines the general parameters of the system that artificial intelligence uses to categorize content into five categories: landscape / nature, face / skin tone, motion / sport, dark / contrast and others. Artificial intelligence strikes the balance by analyzing the five PQ content by automatically selecting the correct category to create the most realistic image.

The 5th generation P5 automatically marks movies with the inclusion of movie mode and offers viewers Home Cinema, Pure Cinema and Film Maker Mode (FMM) options.

Gamers and sports fans can also activate the Fast Motion Clarity feature on televisions, allowing them to gradually transition from one image to another and prevent blurring on the screen.

The Fast Motion Clarity (FMC) feature provides an ultra-realistic viewing experience by reducing the artifacts between images, while the actual panel speed of the television uses 100Hz instead of 50Hz.

It is possible to choose from 4 different modes (Off, Light, High, Artificial Intelligence) in the FMC feature.

HDR10 + Adaptive; It combines HDR 10+ dynamic metadata and real-time ambient light information to automatically optimize brightness levels according to the scene by scene viewing environment.

Philips TV uses Dolby Bright Mode, which offers improved HDR performance including HLG, HDR10 and HDR10 + sources. Philips TV continues to be one of the very few manufacturers to support all existing HDR formats, with the newly developed P5 artificial intelligence processor that improves HDR content thanks to this mode, which includes the Dolby Vision code.

The 5th generation Artificial Intelligence intelligently measures and combines both SDR and HDR-sourced content in accordance with ambient light in order to provide optimum contrast.

Philips OLED806 / 856 models also feature ‘anti-burn’ technology, which is only found in Philips televisions and produced specifically for OLED models, thanks to the improved 5th generation artificial intelligence.

2021 models of new Philips OLED and miniLED TVs, HDMI 2.1, e-ARC (Advanced Audio Return Channel), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) feature, 4K image with an impressive speed from 40Hz to 120Hz, as well as Auto latency Mode ‘ In addition to the Freesync Premium Pro and Auto Game modes have also been added.

The Calman Ready feature, added to TVs, provides easy access to automatic color calibration, allowing the television to use color accuracy at industry-accepted standards. Calman Ready can also establish a direct connection between computers with related software.


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