Scientists have found a giant pigeon, the ancestor of today’s modern pigeons. This now-extinct species was 50 cm long and weighed 5 times that of modern pigeons.

Ancestors of living creatures that exist today can sometimes have traits to surprise people. A similar discovery was made in a new study by scientists. Scientists from the University of New Mexico have found giant pigeon remains in the Kingdom of Tonga in Oceania.

Pigeons are among the animals we often encounter in cities in daily life. But American scientists in Polynesia have discovered the ancestor of modern pigeons called the Tongoenas burle.

5 times heavier than the modern pigeon

The ancestor of these modern pigeons, discovered by scientists, is 50 cm long and 5 times the weight of modern pigeons. The daily diet of this species, which no longer exists today, consists of mango and guava fruits.

“Some of these trees have large, fleshy fruits. The great pigeon has adapted to completely swallow the seed. Among these fruit-eating pigeons, this bird can swallow the largest and larger canopy fruit than others.” He was used.

The disappearance of the ancestor of modern pigeons is associated with the Polynesians settling in the archipelago about 2,850 years ago. People settling in these archipelago cause this bird species to disappear completely in a hundred years.

Oona Takano, a co-author of the study, says the absence of Tongoeanas burlala threatens the survival possibilities of local trees on the Tonga islands in the long run. Takano states that these trees need pigeons as seed carriers, but today pigeons on the islands are too small to eat these large fruits.


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