On January 9, 2021, another exciting development took place in the Utopia Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Ecosystem. A fully integrated and automated exchange for Crypton (CRP) was introduced to an aspiring global community by a team of independent developers with the help of the 1984 Group.



The new Crypton Exchange offers the best features of any cryptocurrency exchange: automatic and anonymous account registration, free or low-cost model, unlimited automatic withdrawal, censorship resistance, community chat feature and true respect for user feedback.

Automatic Anonymous Account Registration

As with the Utopia P2P Ecosystem, all you need is a username and password. The Exchange uses your Public Key to automatically verify your identity; There is no request for your real name, phone number, or even an email address. New accounts are automatically approved without any human intervention and full access to the stock exchange is provided. This basic account registration is the only form of verification required, user authentication is not available in any form on the exchange. Even your IP address is not collected because the “” that all ecosystem websites see, just as it should be for an ecosystem that protects privacy like Utopia.

Low Wage Model

The first trading pair on the Crypton Exchange is CRP / USDT, and depositing or withdrawing both assets is subject to no fees beyond the transaction costs of the respective blockchain network. While some of the other cryptocurrency exchanges charge a fee when depositing, the vast majority of exchanges charge fees when withdrawing funds, but the Crypton Exchange does not do any – only for the cost of blockchain transaction. Trade is subject to a fee of 0.1%, one of the lowest in the entire industry.

Unlimited Automatic Withdrawals

Ready to pull your newly acquired Crypton (CRP) to the built-in uWallet of your Utopia client? You won’t have to wait long because Crypton Exchange has automated the process and there are no artificial limitations on quantities. This means that your CRP will be transferred to you a few seconds after your request. No compliance team needs to manually approve your request, you are not asked to take silly pictures of yourself with your passport, or your money is frozen due to suspicious activity. The withdrawal process is as smooth and effortless as the deposit process, as it should be.

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Censorship Resistance

While Crypton Exchange is available on the open web at https://crp.is, the exchange is resistant to both censorship and hijacking, as it is also hosted in the Utopia P2P Ecosystem. Authorities cannot seize the Utopia domain from a central registrar or issue a court order to censor a hosting provider because the exchange is self-hosted anonymously and transmitted securely over Utopia’s peer-to-peer network. Crypton Exchange leads the way in showing what is possible with Utopia P2P.


Community Chat Feature

One of the most rewarding aspects of Utopia P2P ecosystem, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, interaction with users from all over the world because China and Latin American and vibrant communities is the ability to communicate. Crypton Exchange has enabled this type of interaction to continue even on the stock market by implementing a chat box directly in the trading interface, showing us how privacy and anonymity can be social and friendly.

True Respect for User Feedback

As CRP / USDT was the first trading pair to be found on the Crypton Exchange, users in Utopia naturally compared the slow transaction speed and high transaction cost of USDT’s ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain with Crypton’s almost instantaneous speeds and very low costs. . One of the first user requests to emerge was to offer USDT as a TRC-20 token on the Tron blockchain. Within days, Crypton Exchange support notified users that this request was accepted, and they will begin offering this option later in the month. Additional community feedback includes the adoption of major trading pairs with CRP and moving the exchange outside the ecosystem to the open network to expose more users to the amazing world of Utopia and Crypton – this feedback was implemented on January 25, 2021.

We are all excited to see what the future will bring for Utopia and the new Crypton Exchange!


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