Spot volume on cryptocurrency exchanges reached an all-time high in December. The said amount reached $ 379 billion, overshadowing the previous high reported in January 2018.


Binance’s top cryptocurrency exchanges trade volume

The data provided in the chart below tracks spot volumes from 20 of the largest crypto exchanges. Of the total $ 379.3 billion, Binance made up about $ 219.5 billion and Coinbase about $ 45.7 billion.

As Lars Hoffmann of The Block points out, the total volume on legal crypto exchanges for 2020 exceeded $ 1 trillion, reaching roughly $ 1.82 trillion over the 12-month period.


Record broke after record in December

Hoffmann’s report also included the following statements:

Total adjusted on-chain volume increased strongly by 33.5% in December to a two-year high of $ 272 billion.

Regulated stablecoin chain volume increased by 20.8%, reaching an all-time high of 178.3 billion in December.

Central stock market spot trade volumes increased by 30.5% in December, reaching an all-time high of 384 billion.

With mass open positions and monthly Bitcoin futures and options volume, Ethereum futures and options reached all-time highs in December.


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