Trailer of Netflix’s high-budget science fiction movie Space Sweepers was shared. The film, which attracts attention especially with its visuality, will be released on February 5.

The trailer of Space Sweepers, the high-budget science fiction movie of Netflix, the video streaming platform with the most subscribers in the world, was shared.

Of course, when we say Korean business Star Wars, we don’t mean the Korean version of Star Wars; In terms of its budget and audience, it is expected to survive in Korea, the success of Star Wars in America. That’s why the movie is compared to Star Wars. However, it is of course similar in theme. Again, a story set in space, spaceships, wars and robots will be.

More productions in this universe are planned to come after the release of Space Sweepers. Space Sweepers is a film set in space in 2092 and focused on the story of a group of space junkers. It will be broadcast on Netflix on February 5th.

The 2 hours and 16 minutes long film is directed by Sung-hee Jo. The cast includes names such as Daniel Joey Albright, Seon-kyu Jin, Song Joong-Ki, Milan-Devi LaBrey, John D. Michaels and Kim Tae-ri. You can watch the aforementioned trailer below.

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