Macro-economist Raoul Pal thinks that the market value of Bitcoin may rise up to $ 10 trillion in the coming years.

We have already mentioned this prediction of Global Macro Investor founder Raoul Pal for Bitcoin. He joined Max Keiser’s program the other day and repeated his prediction there.

How is it going to be?
Bitcoin currently has a market value of $ 170-175 billion. If this number goes up to 10 trillion dollars, it means that the price of Bitcoin is almost 500 thousand dollars. Raoul Pal thinks it’s possible, but why?

While making this estimate for Bitcoin, he gives an example from the gold market. Speaking of the similarities between bitcoin and gold, Pal reminds us that the total value of the gold market is around $ 9 trillion. In his opinion, if the gold market can be so valuable, the Bitcoin market can grow so much.

Pal doesn’t think this will happen in a few months, of course. Pal making a long-term forecast; He thinks that Bitcoin will be used by more people over time and larger investors will enter the market over time.


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