If Triumph Motorcycles is known for anything it is for its beastly roadster motorcycles, but the manufacturer, in its early years, started designing bicycles. Now they return to those origins in a way with Trekker GT, the Triumph entry into the world of electric bikes (because electric bikes at the moment nothing).

Triumph Trekker GT has been presented these days by the British manufacturer as its “perfect bike for your daily commutes, keeping fit and having fun” with “elegant and minimalist components” (let me doubt the latter). Equipped with a multitude of Shimano components, the truth is that by specifications it promises. Of course, from 3,250 euros.

What Triumph Trekker GT promises

The first thing we should highlight about the Trekker GT is its aluminum frame that hides the battery and some other component of the bicycle inside. The narrow handlebar (68 cm) and the Selle Royal Vivo saddle says Triumph that provide optimal ergonomics for bicycle users. Its total weight, including the battery, is 24 kilograms.

As far as the engine is concerned, we are dealing with a Shimano DU-E6100 with a power of 250 W and 60 Nm. Everything related to the engine is a matter of fact Shimano, for example the SL-M6000-R Deore 10-speed transmission, the BL-M6000 / BR-M6000 brakes, the SM-RT30 F-180mm brake rotor or the hubs front (HB-RM35) and rear (FH-RM35) among others.

If it is an electric bicycle, its battery and the autonomy it provides are also remarkable. In the case of the Triumph Trekker GT we have a Shimano BT-8035 504 Wh battery accompanied by a charger of the same brand EC-E6002 2A with adapter. Triumph ensures that it achieves 150 km of autonomy, but of course, those figures should be taken with tweezers, in real life it will surely be easily reduced by 30% since it is never used in optimal conditions and only at the minimum power.

Other highlights of the Trekker GT are for example its front and rear LED headlights provided by Benex. It also has a small screen integrated in the front to control and monitor the bike’s engine. Finally, its gray matt tones will attract more than one.

The Triumph Trekker GT is already available in much of the European Union (including Spain) and it does so at a price of 3,250 euros. Expensive? The specifications it brings are certainly interesting, but the popularity of Triumph is also noted at that final price.

Triumph is just the last of the traditional motor manufacturers to jump on the bandwagon of electric bikes. There is an important simile with Harley-Davidson and other brands like Jeep have also entered here. At the moment I am staying with Gogoro Eeyo.


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