In recent weeks, Tron has performed impressively thanks to the latest developments in the network. Tron processes more transactions per second than Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Cardano. The network has entered a new phase with daily transactions and reaching more than 5.26 million active users. As one of the largest Blockchain operating systems in the Cryptoverse, Tron has gained a lot of momentum in recent weeks. The project draws its energy and momentum from the innovative development team and the loyal community around it. Tron is trading at $0.062 and is trying to gain more on the impressive developments.



The Tron community has shown why it has been described as one of the fastest growing communities in the crypto realm after having over 5.26 million active users. The huge increase in active users had an impact on daily transactions, which set an all-time high. Technically, the team took significant steps after it was discovered that the network handles more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Strong community and latest developments

In terms of utility, Tron has a few interesting features that make it popular with its community. This has resulted in the network reaching new milestones and its meteoric growth in recent months. Less than a week ago, it was announced that the network’s daily active users hit an all-time high of over 5.26 million. Similarly, the number of unique addresses has exceeded 40 million. The increase in the number of active users became directly proportional to the number of transactions reaching an astonishing 6.224 million.

In a more technical development, the Tron community on Twitter announced that the network is ahead of the pack in terms of transactions per second. Tron has surpassed Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardan and even XRP. It is an interesting development to note that Tron has been processing more transactions per second than XRP since the beginning of the year.

TRON CEO Justin Sun has appeared to clarify issues related to TRON’s management. Sun stated that TRON is a “decentralized network” and that neither the TRON Foundation nor any administrators control the network.

The Future of Tron

After a strong performance with recent developments, the future holds great promise for the network. After the President of El Salvador announced that the country would adopt cryptocurrencies, Tron has already taken the first steps to make the transition smooth. Tron CEO Justin Sun explained in a tweet that Tron will “be the first crypto organization to set up an office in El Salvador”:

El Salvador is now a crypto country! #TRON will be the first crypto organization to set up an office in El Salvador! #Bitcoin #TRX


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