Baker also believes that for The Last of Us a series is more positive than a movie, since it has more time to develop the story.

A video game with the repercussion of The Last of Us 2, which this week has been the protagonist twice because it has a definitive release date and its history has been leaked, could not go without adaptation, this time to a television series. This series, which is still for us to enjoy, is about to confirm its distribution, but one of those who does have a leading role in the video game has wanted to give their opinion. Troy Baker, who will play Joel again, assures that he is “eager to see the series”, but at the same time, he doubts that he is up to the Naughty Dog game.

In a recent interview, Baker claims that the interactive part of the video game cannot be matched by a television series. In his statements, beware, there are possible spoilers for the first installment.

A better series than a movie
“When you go from fall to winter, after Joel falls and you think he’s dead, and you see that pretty rabbit in the snow, and the bow … and you suddenly realize that Ellie is alone for the first time, you tense the rope with the analog stick … That is something that cannot be transferred by any other means except a video game, “said Baker emphatically in that interview.

“Nothing can match that,” continues Baker. “But I think The Last of Us series will get closer. We can give a different kind of experience for those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to have that kind of interaction with the characters.”

In another order of things, it should be remembered that originally The Last of Us was going to have an adaptation to the big screen, not a television series – to be broadcast on HBO – but Baker is of the idea that this will be better for a very simple reason. “I think you can episodically tell a story better, because condensing 16 hours of play into two hours of film is practically impossible,” says Baker. “Doing this for, say, 3 or 4 seasons will allow us to tell the story almost 1: 1 about the game.”

The Last of Us Part 2 will definitely be released on June 19 on PS4.


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