Donald Trump has lost the American Presidential election and will leave his seat to the new President Biden in a few weeks. As you know, Trump was obsessed with China. Because he saw China as the biggest threat to America. Therefore, he wanted to block Huawei without any justification. He saw that; Huawei came out of this situation even stronger; now he has turned his direction to other places. With a decree that emerged today, 8 Chinese practices, including Trump Alipay and WeChat Pay, have banned in America.



Trump is again not a proof as the justification for this ban; He presented a hunch that meant nothing legally. Trump said in a statement; He said the banned apps could access private information from users and could be used by the Chinese government to “track the location of federal employees and contractors and create personal information files.” So there is no such evidence; it’s just to assume that it can be used.

It is not unfair that these applications, which are used by more than 1 billion people, can “reach the private information of people”. Yes, this is the case, but this is not only within the reach of Chinese apps. Applications of American companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can also access this data and perhaps give this information to the American Federal Office. But Trump does not do this as a threat; maybe he sees this as a right.

The essence of the matter is this; Trump goes away, throwing up the hatred of China in his feet. With no evidence at all, such a decision signs and goes. Let’s see how Uncle Joe will deal with the Chinese issue. If Joe Biden believes in more scientific evidence can build the bridges between China and America; the world may go to a different point in terms of economy.


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