Fearing to have an impact while the protests continued, Trump’s social media accounts were banned and he was prevented from sending messages. Associated apps are also being removed from stores.

While the congressional raid during the elected president Joe Biden’s handover passed as a black mark on the history of US democracy, social media giants also turned against Trump. All accounts of Trump, worried that he would provoke the protests, were banned.

Social media wars
At the beginning of the congressional invasion, the networks Twitter, Facebok, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram started to remove posts or block videos incited in favor of Trump. At the same time, Trump’s own social media accounts were suspended for a certain period of time.

However, when the events did not calm down, it was worried that Trump might affect the protests and the accounts were completely blocked. Trump’s accounts with hundreds of millions of followers in total suddenly fell into silence.

On the other hand, every post Trump sent was deleted from the current US Presidency account. On the other hand, the Parler application associated with Trump has been removed from the Google Play store and Apple is threatening to remove it.

In short, all the US technology giants turned against Trump and almost shut up. The TikTok application that Trump has been trying to ban has remained in his hands for a while. There is no Trump account on TikTok yet, but what happens when it is opened is a matter of curiosity.


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