Donald Trump, one of the worst presidents ever seen in American history, is being dismissed and preparing to leave his chair to the new president Joe Biden. While these were happening in America, Trump just imposed new sanctions for Huawei.



Normally, the former president is not expected to make such decisions and sign decrees on his last day, but Trump hates China so much that; expense foot made a decision tying the Ministry of Trade. The Trump Government has imposed many bans in order to block Huawei, but had to leave an open door for American companies to do business with Huawei. American companies that wanted to do business with Huawei had to obtain a license from the US Department of Commerce.

Trump intervened in this licensing process, and made it almost impossible. Although the new decision is taken into effect hastily, eyes are turned to Biden, who will take office tomorrow. Will this understanding continue, accusing global, public companies like Huawei and Xiaomi of serving the Chinese Army when there is no evidence? Or will a new era begin between America and China? We will see this together.

Dear Trump, the world will never miss you …


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