Donald Trump will be remembered as a president who made interesting decisions. For many, he will be remembered as the president who drove America to disaster. Because, after his latest call to “take to the streets”, he is shown as responsible for the incidents that resulted in the citizens raiding the white house and the civilians taking over the parliament. Competition between Trump China has extended to Trump’s banning of Chinese goods, even American companies not selling technology to Chinese manufacturers. However, Trump could not tell Apple “You do all your production in China, don’t do it”. Today is the last day of Trump and even the last day with the Trump drone ban.



As you know, the Chinese manufacturer DJI (many people know DJI as an American company) was included in the asset list, just like Huawei, and became one of the banned products in America. Today, an executive order has been issued for Chinese 800 drones, banning the use of all Chinese products. Trump signed an enforcement order directing US agencies to prioritize assessing and removing security risks from Chinese-made drones in American government fleets.

Trump has led all U.S. institutions to outline the security risks posed to the current government drone fleet by drones built by Chinese companies or other countries considered xenophobic, including Russia, Iran and North Korea.

From this point on, it seems that the use of Chinese drones will now be prohibited in America. Are DJI cameras also banned? Are Chinese red colored clothing prohibited? Are the Chinese deported? We will see these over time …


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