President Donald Trump stated in the American football league NFL that players will not watch the match if they are kneeling during the national anthem.

Trump wants all players to stand up during the start.

The American Football Federation said in a statement last week that players will no longer be asked to stand while starting.

It was noted in the statement that this policy was wrong and that the “Black Lives Matter” movement damaged the importance.

The policy was implemented in 2017 after kneeling during the national anthem to support Colin Rapinoe’s NFL player Colin Kaepernick, an American women’s national football team player.

Trump shared the message “I won’t watch any more” on Saturday in his tweet message after Republican Matt Gaetz criticized the American Football Federation’s step.

Noting that NFL is moving in a similar direction, Trump said, “But I will not watch.”

NFL President Roger Goodell stated that the league made a mistake this month by not listening to players in the past and condemned racism.

Trump harshly criticizes players kneeling during the start, saying that these players disrespect the country and the flag.

On May 25, George Floyd’s breath of life while he was detained in police custody resulted in protests in the country that caused violent incidents and racism debates once again.


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