Anthony Levandowski, the key name of the Uber-Waymo fight, considered the biggest case of the driverless vehicle industry, was cleared. Donald Trump has issued an apology to the engineer.

In 2017-2018, Google affiliate Waymo’s lawsuit with Uber for stealing trade secrets was on the agenda. There has been an important development regarding Anthony Levandowski, the key name of the case, in which Uber transferred his $ 245 million stake to Waymo.

What happened in the Waymo-Uber case?
Waymo claims that Anthony Levandowski, who previously worked at Waymo, stole the company’s trade secrets before leaving Waymo and founded the autonomous truck development company Otto.

Later, with the acquisition of Otto by Uber, Waymo’s trade secrets were in the hands of Uber. The lawsuit, which caused many Uber employees to be fired for a year and severely damaged the company’s reputation, ended in settlement.

According to the information received, Donald Trump cleared Levandowski with his apology statement. Levandowski, who was tried on 33 different charges, was found guilty of only one and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, but his sentence was suspended due to the pandemic. It was also decided to pay $ 179 million in compensation to Google.

In the apology statement, it was stated that Levandowski is one of the important engineers working for the development of the country and for the public good. Many entrepreneurs such as James Ramsey, Peter Thiel, Miles Ehrlich, Amy Craig, Michael Ovitz, Palmer Luckey also supported the apology.


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