US President Donald Trump replied to the allegations that “Russia has given the Taliban a prize for killing US soldiers in Afghanistan”, which is published in the news of the US-based New York Times newspaper. “Nobody informed me of Pence or Meadows that Russia had” alleged attacks “on US troops in Afghanistan, Trump said.

A striking claim came from the New York Times, one of the USA’s prestigious newspapers. According to the news in the New York Times, it was suggested that the special unit affiliated to the Russian secret service, which is linked to assassination attempts and other secret operations, rewarded the Taliban for its successful attacks on US soldiers last year. U.S. President Donald Trump responded to these allegations.

“Nobody gave such information”

“No one told me, Vice President Mike Pence, or White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, allegedly in the New York Times, with information received from an” unidentified source “. He did not provide information about Russia carrying out ‘so-called attacks’ against US troops in Afghanistan, ”he said.


Trump said, “No government on Russia has been as drastic as the Trump Administration. Corrupted Joe Biden; Russia and Obama took over the important regions of Ukraine. Probably another fake Times job. Who is this source? ” used expressions.


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