“The USA does not want to leave NATO,” said U.S. President Donald Trump, referring to the US’s relationship with NATO. “They asked me that big question. Will you leave NATO? I said ‘Yes I was going to go,'” Trump said in his statement.

US President Donald Trump made statements about NATO. Citing the US’s relationship with NATO, Trump said, “The US does not want to leave NATO.”

Emphasizing that the US allies have to pay their share to NATO, Trump said:

* I want member countries to pay their fair share. There were some countries that paid almost nothing, and now they are paying.

* They asked me that big question. Will you leave NATO? I said, “Yes, I was going.” Some countries would still not pay if I did not give this answer.


Trump underlined that the defense expenditures of NATO member countries are 2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) within the scope of NATO commitments, but this is not sufficient.

On the other hand, former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton claimed in his new book that Trump decided to withdraw from NATO at the 2018 NATO summit.


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