Facebook Chief Executive Zuckerberg reported that he would review the content policies of the social media after reactions to US President Trump’s statement that the company will take a “neutral” position on controversial social media posts

NEW YORK (AA) – Facebook Senior Manager (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg, from his Facebook account, “I am aware that many of you think we should put some kind of warning on President’s posts last week. We will review the options for removing or releasing content violations (from the page). ”

Twitter restrictions on the protests and looting that began after US President Donald Trump’s black American George Floyd died after police violence, added, “Weapons begin to explode when looting begins.”

Facebook did not take any steps, and Zuckerberg had gathered reactions from many people, including his own employees.

“I think Facebook shouldn’t be the judge about everything people say on social media,” said Mark Zuckerberg, saying they think differently than Twitter. had made the assessment.


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