The campaign to re-elect U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday released an election propaganda video that sparked controversy using NASA images apparently without the agency’s authorization, according to

The video, entitled “Make Space Great Again”, was posted on YouTube and on Trump’s campaign committee pages on Twitter and Facebook.

The recording featured footage of the launch of SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission, carried out last Saturday, including scenes from astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, who traveled on the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station. The old Apollo missions were also shown.

According to the publication, NASA was not aware of the use of its images and symbols in the video, which violates the space agency’s advertising regulations. This may have prompted the removal of the video from YouTube on Thursday (4), leaving in its place a note stating that the decision was made by the uploader. The exclusion of advertising also occurred in the campaign’s profiles on social networks.


Retired NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, who is the wife of Doug Hurley, a member of the mission, used Twitter to complain about the video, saying she had not given permission to use images of her and her son.

In the post, Nyberg said: “I find it disturbing that a video image of me and my son is being used in political propaganda without my knowledge or consent. This is wrong”. In the text, she marked the profiles of the American space agency and NASA chief Jim Bridenstine.

The video also led to the creation of a petition on, with more than 7,000 signatures so far, urging Trump to stop politicizing the achievements of NASA and SpaceX.


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