US President Donald Trump has ordered 9,500 troops from the American army to withdraw from Germany.

Speaking to the Guardian, an U.S. official said that there are 34,500 American soldiers in the US right now, with this final decision this number could fall to 25,000.

Trump’s decision led to a discussion of the question of how much his country depends on military and political stability in Europe.

The same official said that this was not related to the tension between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

There was tension between the two leaders when Merkel told the G7 meeting, which was planned to be held in the USA, that he did not plan to go as long as the pandemic situation did not change.

Another senior official said that some of these soldiers will be sent to Poland, some will be sent to other allied countries, and some will return to the USA.

He said that there is no need for such troops to remain in Germany because of the high spending currently made by the US for NATO.

The ambassador resigned

On the other hand, it is stated that the USA has been working on this plan since September.

Relations between the two countries were strained from time to time during the Trump presidency. Trump had invited Germany to spend more on defense.

The USA has 17 thousand civilian employees in Germany; it is also believed to have nuclear warheads here.

US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who is a close ally of Trump and announced that he resigned earlier this month, accused Berlin of weakening NATO’s nuclear deterrence in May.


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