US President Donald Trump, whose social media accounts have been suspended for using provocative expressions, could be banned entirely if he continues to break the rules.

Perhaps for the first time in social media history, all social media accounts of a president are suspended. Trump’s accounts were also suspended, who were thought to be using provocative statements after protesters raided the US Congress.

All accounts are suspended
Since the announcement of the election results, Trump’s statements that there is no fair election and that he will never give up are driving Trump supporters to violence. Trump supporters, who claimed that the election was fraudulent, occupied the Congress building and re-declared Trump president. Meanwhile, people were injured and an unexploded bomb was found in the building.

Twitter first warned and removed the messages due to Trump’s constant posting of provocative messages. Afterwards, he announced that the account was suspended for 12 hours. During this time, Trump will not be able to send a message. Facebook and Instagram also announced that Trump has suspended their accounts for 24 hours. If provocative expressions are not removed, a permanent ban can also come.

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