TSMC, which undertakes the chip manufacturer of factoryless technology companies, plans to allocate $ 100 billion to expand its factories and increase R&D studies within three years.

The chip crisis, which took effect during the pandemic process that started in 2020, deeply shook all arms in the technology sector. Especially TSMC, the largest independent semiconductor manufacturer that meets the chip needs of the world, is preparing to invest $ 100 billion to overcome these difficult times. According to the article published by TheEdgeMarkets, TSMC will make large spending over the next three years to expand its semiconductor manufacturing capacity and new technology research capabilities.

Even large-scale manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA could not meet the tremendous increase in consumer demand at the time of the epidemic. The stock shortage and GDDR6 memory supply problem, caused by the efforts of cryptocurrency miners to purchase next-generation GPUs, continue to upset the hardware industry. In particular, NVIDIA’s attempt to limit the hash rate, initiated with the RTX 3060 graphics card, did not achieve the desired result. In addition to all these negativities, a red alert has been given due to the drought in Taiwan. It is obvious that everything that happens has badly affected TSMC and other Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturers.

Despite these dark clouds above the chip manufacturing industry, it seems that there will be some improvement in the industry. Because GlobalFoundries doubles its expansion fund for 2021, while TSMC plans to invest $ 100 billion in the next three years. In addition, thanks to the mentioned investment, there will be a noticeable increase in TSMC’s production line and R&D studies. According to experts, these developments can stabilize the demand in the market over a long period of time, but it seems that it will take some time to reflect on the user.


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