TSMC chairman Mark Liu says they can keep up with auto chip requests by the end of June.

Mark Liu, president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, or TSMC for short, told CBS that they expect to be able to meet the minimum requirements of automaker’s customers’ car chip demands by the end of June.

It should be noted that automobile manufacturers all over the world have had to close even their assembly lines due to the chip shortage. The actions of the former US administration against Chinese chip factories were also effective in this situation.

Home to the burgeoning semiconductor industry, Taiwan is at the center of efforts to tackle this problem, and chip makers have pledged to increase capacity. Speaking to the CBS channel’s 60 Minutes program, TSMC President Mark Liu announced that they first heard of the chip shortage in December and that the following month they were keeping things as tight as possible for automakers. “Today, we think we are two months ahead and we can meet our customers’ minimum requirements before the end of June,” says Liu. On the other hand, when asked whether he meant that the car chip shortage would end in two months, Liu’s response was negative. The head of TSMC adds that the supply chain is long and complex, especially for car chips, and that the supply takes about seven to eight months.

The chip shortage was first mentioned by automakers. Later, the scarcity spread to other sectors, such as consumer electronics.

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