After the global chip crisis, the pressure on Taiwan increased as governments stepped in. TSMC; 1000 more engineers are sent to its 5nm production facilities.

When it comes to chip casting on a global scale, the Taiwanese TSMC is the first thing that comes to mind, because neither Intel nor Samsung can catch up on production efficiency and technologies. That is why numerous chip designers are competing to place orders for TSMC. Even TSMC was helpless in the face of the demand for the chip that exploded during the pandemic.

The trouble will be solved slowly
Due to the pandemic, people showed more interest in products such as tablets, laptops, wearables, wireless headphones than usual, and it disrupted the work of TSMC, which was planning according to normal.

Requests were delayed as chip production lines were insufficient. The automotive industry in particular will suffer a loss of nearly $ 60 billion. Later, similar problems are experienced in the console industry and the computer industry.

TSMC is taking important steps regarding the production inadequacy, in which the governments of the country come into play. The company will commission 13 EUV casting systems made by the Dutch ASML, worth 2.5-3 billion dollars, during the year. In addition, it was stated that 1000 more engineer power will be deployed to 5nm facilities in Tainan.

It is stated that the 5nm production capacity will increase from 60000-70000 per month to 120000 thanks to the new engineer power. In other words, there will be twice as much production increase. In addition, with the commissioning of the new facility and EUV devices, it is estimated that there will be relief in chip production in the second half of the year.

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