Next year, the need for 5nm ARM processors on both desktop and mobile sides will increase, Apple has already allocated the relevant production lines of TSMC company.

Especially after Huawei was disabled due to heavy embargoes, Apple’s hand was very relaxed in the 5nm process. It is stated that Apple, which has almost closed the 5nm bands of TSMC this year, will not let its competitors breathe next year.

May be boredom
As chip production is also a trade, we witness that the moneymaker separates the large production lines. Apple, which designs ARM chips with 5nm on both iOS devices and Mac devices, needs to prepare many more chips next year. This can put pressure on the chip industry.

According to sources, 80 percent of TSMC’s 5m production lines were closed by Apple. When iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPad Pro, iPad Air and Mac systems are taken into account, close to 300 million 5nm Apple chips will be required by the end of next year.

The remaining 20 percent is reserved for companies such as Qualcomm, MediaTek and Broadcom. On the other hand, desktop chip designers such as AMD and Nvidia are slowly making preparations for 5nm and later.

Since Apple’s need for 5nm casting will not end, it is estimated that there may be problems in production from next year. We will see whether TSMC’s new EUV casting equipment investments and Samsung’s own capacity will be sufficient.


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