Just when you think you’ve seen everything, Pamela Jiles appears, a journalist who became a politician in Chile who is remembered for running like Naruto after she passed a bill to address the COVID-19 emergency in the South American country.

Now, Pamela Jiles, in a moment that you may not imagine, could become the next president of Chile, or as we want to explain it, a Naruto Hokage. And as Sandy would say from SpongeBob SquarePants, we don’t say it, the polls say it.

The Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics shows in a telephone survey that Pamela Jiles is in the preference of the Chilean electorate. If those numbers hold up, this journalist-turned-politician could be something of a Tsunade, just like she saw him in Naruto.

It is worth noting that it would be a major change in Chilean politics because the current president has significant disapproval and Pamela Jiles may be going a different path than the electorate wants. Will she be a worthy representative for Naruto fans?



One detail that we must not lose sight of is that Pamela Jiles, who is recognized as the next Hokage in Chile, has declared herself a Naruto fan. For this reason, anime fans feel rooted in it – in some way. Be careful, it is impossible to generalize, but she has her fans.

Now, the next elections to elect the next president of Chile will be held on November 21, so there is a lot of time left and everything can change from one day to the next. Could it really happen that a Naruto fan becomes president of this South American nation?

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What do you think of this scenario? Do you think Pamela Jiles becomes a kind of Hokage for Chileans? We would also like to know if you are a fan of Naruto.


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