On Monday (4), Tumblr published a document specifying new measures to deal with violations of community rules related to hate speech. Even if an offending account was identified and deleted, some of your posts could be found in shares (reblogs). Now, according to the company, that will change and around 4.47 million of that content will be removed, originating from approximately one thousand suspended profiles.

For this, resources such as algorithms and artificial intelligence will not be used, since the network will dedicate exclusive teams to the activity. “We wouldn’t make that kind of change without considering the impact on freedom of expression. We do not want to silence those who promote educational content and counter arguments to hate speech. We have revised our approach with a variety of groups and experts to ensure that we are in accordance with recommended best practices, ”says the official statement.

Most of the posts identified are related to blogs that support Nazism. Tumblr advises that, when faced with something like this, the user reports it to the community. “When such speeches pass, they end up silencing voices that bring kindness and value to our society. This is not the kind of Tumblr we want ”.

“We are and always will be people who firmly believe in freedom of expression. Tumblr is a place where you can be yourself and express your opinions ”, he adds. Finally, the company appreciates the assistance given in combating violations: “Thank you for raising your voices. Please continue to help us make Tumblr the place you want to be. ”


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