The first stabilco bilira fixed to the Turkish Lira (TRYBA) co-founder, the new regulators for blockchain in predicting the future of Turkey will declare a year.

The COO of BiLira and its co-founder, Vidal Arditi, said in a statement that the new arrangements are intended to support blockchain investors and developers.

also Arditi, will take place in the country the government of Turkey, stressing that made large investments to blockchain projects, established recently blockchain’s associations, blockchain the student clubs, people active in many areas such blockchain developers and stated that given support to the association.

“I’m sure after a year in the crypto field in Turkey we will see many more projects.”

Arditi, said Turkey is currently at a turning point for the blockchain and the central bank is also great interest in the assets and distributed books crypto technology.

Arditi’s bilira likewise clearly indicates that best supported by state institutions of Turkey, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) officials also said that they are often in close consultation

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